Popular Activities in Talpona Beach - South Goa

About Talpona beach

Talpona beach is popular among tourists looking for a quiet and alone location to enjoy the beautiful coastline against the beautiful Arabian Sea. The sea is calm and quiet here and one can easily enjoy a day with their thoughts. This beach in Goa is a remote beach located in the Canacona taluka of South Goa. Its closest neighboring beaches are Galgibaga Beach and Rajbag Beach

It is suitable for those seeking complete isolation and is quite a peaceful beach. The beach in Talpona seems to be untouched , very few people and beach shacks found here. One can visit the Galgibaga beach which is the nearest beach by walking south or also visit temples that is situated towards the north end of the beach

At the Talpona beach one can see some fir trees and sand dunes. Talpona river joins the Arabian sea here at north side of beach. The Rajbag beach and the Polem beach are the other nearest beaches.

The north end of the beach which borders the Talpona river is still a sleepy unspoilt village, where the main business of the day is the fishing boats heading out to sea. Towards the centre of the beach there are a couple of shacks where you relax and eating fresh seafood

Also one of the favorite activities of tourist here is to indulging in water sports activities like kayaking, parasailing, diving.

  • Water sports is a favorite activity in south goa for tourists, especially domestic tourists,here at talpona varies activity are available like, parasailing, jet skiing, windsurfing
  • Kayaking in Talpona River - You can hire a kayak and go kayaking in the talpona river with your friends and loved ones
  • Dolphin Spotting - Dolphins swim near the shore, u can see them or hire a boat to go watch them closely
  • Visit Galgibaga Beach - Bisit the beautiful neighbor galgibaga beach whis is also known as turtle beach
  • Dhudsarals falls - Visit the beautiful Dhudsarals falls of goa which is 70 km away from talpona beach
  • Turtle Beach-Head to Galgibaga more commonly called Turtle Beach as a protected nesting site for the endangered Olive Ridley turtles is nearby
  • Talpona beach is about one kilometer long. The beach is covered with pure sand of a golden color
  • Named after talpona river one of the largest rivers in goa
  • Kayaking and water sports in backwaters of talpona river is great activity
  • Talpona rivers borders shoreline into talpona beach and raj beach in the center
  • Palolem beaches, a 20-minute drive away, with their wide range of shops, bars and restaurants. Chaudi town, The easiest way to get around if to rent a bike, cab or taxi.
  • This beach opened up to tourists only a couple of years ago
  • A variety of migrating bird species can be seen resting by the beach.
  • There are not so many visitors coming here and sometimes the beach is completely empty. But anyway Talpona Beach has its own small Rescue Tower
  • The closest airport is the Goa International Airport in Dabolim, located about 70 km from Talpona Beach
  • The closest railway station is at Canacona, situated about 9 km away from the beach.
  • The easiest way to reach Talpona Beach resort is to drive NH17 Highway, which starts in the south of the City of Chaudi and runs through Galgibaga

The best time to visit this beach is between November and March as the weather by the beach is quite pleasant during this period. This is also the new year season when you can enjoy the new year parties happening here

Like at all other beaches in goa, summer in talpona are hot, temperature can go max up to 36 degrees celsius. monsoon are moderate, but sometimes it rains for a full day, winter is the best time to be here as it's not that cold.

Good for people seeking solitude, couples can spend a romactiv day, families can have a picnic, adventure junkies can do water sports activities.