Popular Activities in Baina Beach - South Goa

About Baina beach

Baina Beach, situated in the port town of Mormugao, is a calm and clean beach in Goa and a beautiful tourist destination.. Baina beach is famed as the site of India's first ever underwater sea walk. It's also famous for the grade islands where scuba diving takes place. This beach lies between the beautiful zuari nagar hills on the right and the Dabolim plateau to the left.it is a small beach compared to other beaches in goa

What makes it special is that at baina beach water sports activities are available all year without any break.Baina beach has been developed as a beautiful tourist spot. As an initiative of the goa government and it is one of the cleanest beaches in goa.

  • Baina beach is famous for Water sports, especially for the underwater sea walk which is india's first and only sea walk facility. And other water sports activities like parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, banana boat ride, bumper ride, water scooter etc. If you have a good luck u may see Dolphin also during parasailing
  • Baina beach is also popular beach for hosting a number of Ayurvedic and Kerala massage centres. The peaceful ambience of the beach is very relaxing for the visitors.
  • Grande Island lies at a distance of 1 kilometre from the beach which can be seen from the beach. Where scuba diving and snorkeling takes place, these islands are home to many unique species of fish and corals.
  • Local shops stand at the beach sell the exquisite traditional Goan crafts including shell work, brass ware and terracotta which are being picked up by the tourists.
  • Baina beach forms the closest point to the Virgin Islands which has still not been destroyed by human kind. You can take a boat ride to see this
  • Fishing is also popular among the tourists as the several fishing points located in Baina Beach. Evening walks and swimming are greatly cherished here.
  • There is a Japanese Garden near the Baina beach, which is another tourist attraction. The garden has a rich story and history behind it.
  • You can visit the St. Andrews Church this church is second in size in Goa only to old Goa monastery. great white structure with good historic aura.

Baina Beach is well connected with the other parts of the country. Since beach is located near Vasco Da Gama city, one can arrive at by train, bus, cab or bike. There is regular bus service from all over goa to vasco city,from there u can take a cab or city bus to the beach it will be a 10 -15 minute ride. Vasco railway station is just a 10 minute walk away from the beach.

If you prefer a calm environment and serenity then you may visit. It is cleaner than any north Goa beach. This beach is good for families, couples can have a quiet and romantic time here enjoying the beautiful sunset in the 500 years old port city of goa.

Tourists can witness some cultural programs taking place in Baina Beach and can enjoy the cultural programs with the beach festivals which are organized from time to time.by the locals, you can see the carnival of goa, ganesh festivals.

During new year, parties are organized on the beach