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About Scuba Diving in Goa

Goa is famous for many things beaches, clus, portugese history, its vibrant people and many more, which makes it a popular tourist destination.

In goa There are many activities for visitors to indulge in. goan beaches are famous for water sports activities. You can also do a variety of activities like bungee jumping, backwater rafting and many more.

Among these activities scuba diving is the most popular activity and tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy this. Scuba diving in goa is famous as it is one of the top 3 best location for scuba diving in india, standing neck to neck with andaman & nicobar, lakshadweep islands in terms of water quality and marine life.

Diving in goa is a wonderful experience as water here is clear with visibility of 4 to 10 meters, even upto 20 meters depending on the weather, the tropical climate, moderate temperature and perfect water conditions make goa the best destination for scuba diving.

As said, Goa is one of the best locations in india for diving also there are many more reasons to choose Goa

  • In Goa with scuba diving you can also enjoy water sports at beaches, go to famous clubs, visit historical sites and more, you cannot find all this in any other state in India.
  • No other place has these many varieties of activities 23 activities in goa. Which are also located close by.
  • Grande island in goa is home to beautiful marine life, which has unique coral, fish and other animals.

An underwater census conducted jointly by ICAR-Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute (CCARI) and DIVEGOA, a private recreational diving training centre, source: the times of india below are few facts based on these findings

  • 115 Species (all types) of fish species recorded in the depth of sea around grand island stretch, Goa.
  • The fish count is noteworthy compared to 280 in andaman & nicobar, 200 in lakshadweep which are big stretches of islands. Whereas grande island is a small island.
  • Currently the biggest coral reef found in Goa is at Grande Island. study has documented its growth at a depth of 4-8 metres.
  • The natural reef patches, coral laid rocks, sandy bottom habitat around the twin islands of grade & island forms a natural aquarium.
  • A study by the National institute of oceanography of india has found that 18 species of colorful reef fish are here around the corals in grade island and 24 species of coral, few of which are unique to goa, and other creatures like sea urchins and sea cucumbers.
  • There is only 1 location in goa to dive that is at the island stretch of grande and st george island (known as bat island ) near baina.
  • There are shipwrecks, caves, and many exotic diving spots which you can only find at grande island goa.
  • SS Rita, a British cargo vessel, built 50 years ago, is the wreck lying on the sandy bottom near Grande Island.
  • This wreck acts has a natural home to fish and place for them to breed and feed
  • Coral reefs around the 2 islands provide shelter to 35 less resistant and 25 vulnerable species of fish.
  • Goa is home to 83 marine mammals including the indopacific finless dolphins.
  • Coral species “porites mannarensis” is unique to india and can be found here at grade island.

Coral reefs are the pillar of marine ecosystems. A reef has corals, snails, anemones, crabs, worms, starfish, shrimps, lobsters, sea lilies, fishes, turtles, green algae, brown algae, red algae, sea grasses and dozens of other unknown animal and plant groups.

While diving varieties of exotic fish you see near grande island are parrot fish, catfish, damselfish, sarjan fish, rabbit fish, butterfly fish, grouper fish, blueline grouper fish and Common corals found are plate corals, table corals, cup corals, soft corals.

Aslo barracuda, anglerfish, surgeonfish, triggerfish, porcupine fish, Moray eels, cuttlefish (rare but have been sighted), Hawksbill sea turtles (again rare but have been sighted)

Common corals found are plate corals, table corals, cup corals, soft corals.

  • Corals are small living organisms that build a hard exoskeleton around their soft, sac-like bodies for protection.
  • Corals are relatives of jellyfish
  • A reef grows only 1mm per year.
  • They are primarily carnivorous, tiny seawater animals serving as their food.
  • Corals have microscopic plants living inside their cells which perform photosynthesis. This is why coral are vibrant with colours
  • Reef-building corals require warm temperatures for survival.
  • There are about 800 to 1,000 corals species found in the world. Of these, 206 species are from Indian reefs, with a majority of them found in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and grande island goa.

Grande island, bat island and island are the only island in goa with corals around them and diving is allowed only at grand and bat islands. Which is why it is the best diving destination in goa.

Grande island and bat island are a stretch of islands which are closely located and the water body between these islands acts like a natural aquarium, this is the sweet spot for scuba diving.

Site Location
Suzy’s Wreck Grande island
Sail Rock 1 km from grande island
Davy Jones Locker 800 mtr from bat island
Uma Guma Reef Between grande and bat island
Turbo Tunnel Grande island
Bounty Bay Grande island
The Jetty Bat Island
Shelter Cove Grande island
Grande Banks Bat Island
Lobster Avenue Grande island

No worries, scuba diving in goa is completely safe as all types of safety standards are followed , which includes

  • PADI Certified Dive Center
  • Professional Diver
  • Professional Diver Assistant
  • Trained LifeGuards
  • High Quality Equipment
  • Safety Gear

Scuba Diving in Goa is the perfect place for beginners to scuba dive, here you get the best prep you can get and dive at the best locations.

Goa is the best place where you can take the baby steps for becoming a scuba diver. Here, unlike Andamans, the sea is much calmer ,you can dive to the depths of almost 13 meters confidently without much to worry about. For the record, 13 metres is a big milestone for a rookie diver.

Unlike Andaman learning to dive in Goa is much cheaper. Here you will be learning to dive in better conditions and at the same time paying only a reasonable amount.